Monday, 20 February 2012

2012 Grammy Fashion

From the minute they step out of their shiny black limos and onto the red carpet, musicians enter an unspoken competition with one another, which has less to do with the number of glass gramophones they take home than it does with who can generate the most publicity (good or bad) over their outfit. 

With necklines plunging and tabloids judging, each year the red carpet delivers an entertaining array of amazing, frocks and what-the-frock moments! Here's my run down of what I loved and loathed on the 2012 Grammy red carpet:

She may be wearing custom Versace, but Gaga looks like a character from Star Wars heading to a funeral. 

Alicia Keys looks conservative and demure in this figure-hugging dress! The shoes are a little to after-work drinks for my liking but the necklace adds some much needed edge to the ensemble. She seems to be channeling a bit of Bruno Mars with that hairstyle though!

Carrie Underwood plays it safe with this sleeved, glittered gown and black clutch. Nothing wow-worthy here but she pulls it off and still looks red-carpet appropriate. I would liked to have seen a different colour choice with the clutch but all in all a good effort. 

I absolutely love Corinne Bailey Rae in this Christian Siriano gown! She looks like an edgy, life size doll. Her frizzy up-do and red lipstick combined with the black ruffled skirt of her dress and chunky almond-toe heels scream 'Rock Chick meets Parisian Chic'. Perfection!

Did someone vomit up a vodka sunrise on Esparanza Spalding's dress? This dress looks more like a silk sarong one would wear Bali poolside and the grey mixed with ivory, orange and maroon is a confused and unflattering colour palette. She looks bored and awkward. 

Hmm. Looks like Jean-Paul for-Gaultier to add a slip under Fergie's orange lace gown. Whilst the hot orange colour is divine, the brightness of the dress seemingly cheapens what is no doubt, some very expensive couture lace! The black high waisted twin set worn underneath, could quite easily pass for bikinis making this look more "resort wear" than red carpet ready!

Jessie J has been applauded by fashion critics for this mirrored, silver gown. She looks like she is wearing part disco ball - part suit of armour but it somehow works. She has taken just the right measure of risk in her outfit choice for the Grammy's and pulled it off wonderfully. Still not completely sold on the black bangs though... 

Kate Beckinsdale played it a little too safe on the red carpet this year. Known for her bombshell looks, the actress has instead opted for a sickly sweet, girly look with this cream wrap dress trimmed with an NQR black bow. I'm not quite sure if she belongs more on a dessert tray or under a Christmas tree!

Katy Perry was praised for this dress but personally, I think the dress looks a little too old maid" for someone who professes in song to be living a "Teenage Dream". Whilst the fabric may be couture, it reminds me of something I'd be likely to find in my Nona's glory box. There's something very Avatar-meets-First Communion about this look. I don't dig it. It seems Miss Perry has already farwelled two relationships in 2012: her marriage with Russell Brand and her love affair with lycra! (Thank God!)

Kelly Osbourn may be the host of E!'s "Fashion Police" show but someone ought to pull her up on her new mauve 'do! The colour washes out her fair complexion and ages her. THe gold dress on the other hand, flatters her figure and is just the right amount of sparkle for the Grammy's red carpet.

Adele looks breath taking in this classic Armani gown, which highlights her curves without being too overbearing. A true class act and a wonderful new style icon for all single cat ladies out there!

Kelly Rowland looks nice, but that's just it: nice. It's the Grammy's for goodness sake! Take some risks! Play with fashion and have fun!! Save the pastels and petals for the Oscars!

Hello. I'm Malina Kerman and I was off to a corporate function when some music man poached me from the side of the road and gave me a spare ticket to the Grammy's. In short: nice dress, wrong occasion. If you're going to do the whole "black and white" thing, make it bold not bland!

There's no mistaking this dress for anything but Versace given the designer's giant, signature medusa head embroidered across the front. Nicki Minaj has copped a lot of flack for her outfit choice on the Grammy's red carpet, with many fashion buffs labelling her a Gaga copycat and "attention seeker". Yet if there's one outfit we're going to remember at next year's awards it's definitely this one so dare I say it, mission accomplished? She may be Little Red Riding from The Hood but at least she's got us talking!

When Paris Hilton gets it right on the red carpet it's like a rare, luna eclipse - something that does not happen often, but when it does, it's spectacular. Here, the socialite looks uncharacteristically elegant and well put together in this billowing Basil Soda gown.

Rebecca Black looks far too old and conservative for the red carpet! The pearl necklace, black strapless dress and red heels scream "wannabe Stepford wife" and her hair looks unwashed and unmade. The whole ensemble reads more granny than Grammy's. Besides, aren't the Grammy's meant to be a celebration of talented musicians?

If I could sum up Rhianna's look in just one word it would be vixen! The siren singer looks absolutely breathtaking and oozes every bit of class and timelessness that we have come to expect from an Armani Prive gown. She may be the Good Girl Gone Bad we know and love from 2007, but her style just keeps getting better!

There is something very mysterious and alluring about Skylar Grey's Grammy outfit this year. The singer seems to be channelling Alexa Chung with this dainty lace number, which is subtly undermined by her gothic hair and make up. Her look is her own and similarly striking without being overbearing. I think she looks great. 

I can't help but wonder how many innocent zebra's were sacrificed to create Snooki's dress. In fact, I don't even want to know. The reality star has built her entire TV personae around this tacky stereotype so it would almost be wrong to see her look good at a red carpet event!

Taylor Swift looks regal, polished and poised in this intricately, hand-beaded couture gown. 

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