Sunday, 1 April 2012

Future Music Festival 2012

Future Music Festival 2012 was a well organised, carefully planned out event. Melbourne festival-goers were treated to a beautifully sunny day on Labour Day weekend. The event ran much smoother than previous years with no tedious lines to get to the bar and toilet cubicles (even the little things like having the water and toilet rolls changed frequently, ensured that patrons were never inconvenienced on the day).

Myself and my friends arrived at Flemmington at around 4 to see US DJ, Skrillex, perform. He put on a great set and played many of his well known tracks such as the remix to Avicii's Levels and of course, Bangarang. However, with the minimal coverage surrounding the stage, the sound seemed to get lost in the crowd and I must admit it did feel a little strange dancing to dubstep in broad daylight... Despite his huge following, I think Skrillex's set would've sounded much better and been more suited to an eclosed space like 'The Boiler Room' tent where The Bloody Beatroots performed a few years ago and it went off!!!

After Skrillex's set we caught bits and pieces of bands such as Friendly Fires and The Rapture who put on a great show but did not have as much audience support or involvement during their performances. As the sun began to set, we made our way over to Knife Party, which would've been a great set if it weren't for the overzealous crowd and their boisterous dancing which became quite confronting, if not violent, and ruined the overall audience experience. After 15minutes of hardcore dubstep a few of us decided to move on to the main stage and see the infamous party boy, Fatboy Slim rock out his epic 2 hour set. After seeing Fatboy perform in Ibiza, Spain last year - I knew to expect big things and he certainly delivered. He played all his old tracks as well as some fun remixes to get the crowd energised and ready to dance.

Then finally, at 8pm the trio we'd all been waiting for: Swedish House Mafia, hit the main stage and belted out an incredible three hour set complete with lazer show, video and sparks. SHM were nothing short of amazing and were well worth the $150 ticket to see them. My only complaint was that the sound throughout the entire day was too soft.

All in all a fun day with some fun people. Here are some snaps I took as well as an adaptation of what I wore on the day! Enjoy x Franky

Future Music Festival

My FMF 2012 outfit

My boyfriend and I after Skrillex 

On shoulders for Fatboy Slim!

Swedish House Mafia (above + below)

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