Monday, 23 July 2012


Have you ever been served a meal that looks almost just too good to eat? Or rather, have you ever found yourself lusting over a string of glistening glass beads that look nearly good enough to eat?
Recent university graduate, Lara Betty was thinking the same thing when she launched her delectable, debut jewellery line: Eat.Me.Do.
The quirky young designer treads a fine line between art and craft and fashion design, creating an entire series of unconventional masterpieces out of glue, paint and clay.
“I am hungry to show the world the creations from my head”, says Betty whose current designs feature a popcorn-beaded bracelet, T-bone steak pendant and sausage, pea and potato necklace.
Our personal favourites are a little more ‘ready to wear’ and include a candy-coloured, fruit loop chain necklace; and super cute string of mini bananas.
Whilst most of her designs are unmistakably unique and somewhat eccentric – French fry threaded necklace, anyone? - Betty maintains, “food should be worn and adored”.
Yet, unlike the real deal, Betty’s food-inspired jewellery collections come without a Best Before Date and is available for ‘take away’ 24/7 through her online store:

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