Thursday, 10 November 2011

Stakes Day Fashion

Alexandria Richards looks lovely in this grape coloured dress, given the 'spawn of a rockstar legend' edge with the indie sunglasses! A huge improvement from her 'dawn of the dead' get on at Cup Day!

Fifi Box has picked a winner with this fitted, bright red dress! The colour really suits her and the cut of the dress shows off her curves! She looks young, fresh and glowing! She keeps it simple with cream accessories, big tick!

Gemma Pranita (left) looks classic and classy in this white, mod-style dress with black and red accessories. However, Jordi Lucas (right) is a little lost in this unshapely blue frock with orange hat and red bag. Something more fitted would've complimented her figure more and the red clutch clashes with the orange fascinator - the colours are too similar they look mis-matched. 

You'd think Melissa Bergland would know by now never to coordinate your hair colour with your outfit. In saying this, while this look is a bit of a red overload, I do love the polka dot print, which is very in right now and fun for this time of year. I also think the shape of the dress is very flattering on her figure. 

Jess Sinclair looks gorgeous in this red and white print dress! I love seeing unusual prints at the races this year, it's a nice break from the onslaught of colour-blocking trends other stars have opted for. Great choice of hat and minimal accessories too!

I hate Lucy Freer's entire outfit. It looks like the dress was the last one left (and a size too small) at Sportsgirl's Summer Sale and that she borrowed Ashley Hart's hat from Oaks Day! Not impressed!

I'm sure many will disagree with me here, but I think Jess Harris looks great in this stripe print maxi and Summery shirt top! Her look reflects her individual style but is still appropriate for the event but not so much so that she looks too attention-seeking. I LOVE her sunglasses!

To summarise Anna Lund's outfit in one word: boring. 

Kasia Z has such a great body, I don't know why she'd hide it all underneath this 80's prom dress gone wrong! It literally looks like an outfit I bought at the Salvo's for a "WTF are you wearing!?" themed party last year!! And that hat? Unless she's getting married, there's really no justifiable reason to be wearing a vale out in public! There's also far too much of the one colour going on here. SHEER disaster!

Nadia Coppolino usually gets it so right every time, but she has failed to win me over with this look. It's a little too plain Jane and lacks any real point of interest or reflection of her personal style. All she needed was a statement belt (perhaps something in rose gold) to change this look from drab to fab! 

Rachael Finch is one of my favourite dressed stars at Stakes Day! The colours, print, coordination of accessories all get a big tick from me! She looks fabulous! 

Like Nadia Coppolino, Rebecca Judd is one WAG who usually doesn't put a fashion foot wrong, however this printed dress is not one of my favourites from Stakes Day. I'm not sold on the colour, the shape, or the print. THere's really nothing specifically wrong with what she's wearing that I can put my finger on... however the look altogether doesn't do the Fashionista justice. She's definitely let herself down at Stakes Day, but in saying that, she has been top of the Best Dressed List at all the other Spring Racing Carnival Days! 

Sarah Hawthorn is dressed for a red-carpet, Hollywood event... except there's no red carpet. And she's in Flemington, which is not even a glamourous suburb! I think this dress is fabulous but highly inappropriate for the Races. She looks ridiculous standing in a floor-length, couture-looking ball gown in the middle of the day. 

Simone Callahan looks much more refreshed and glowing in this white ensemble than she did in brown bandages at Oaks Day. I wonder if she was inspired by Liz Hurley's outfit? Either way, though it's a plain look, she's shown signs of improvement and that's all that counts! Baby steps! 

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