Sunday, 6 November 2011

Oaks Day Fashion

Pia Miller looks so feminine and well polished in this off-white, off-the shoulder frock with violet injection in her shoes and bag. Great colour pop and the hat has all the grandure and femininity one would expect from an Oaks Day ensemble!

Geoffrey Edelsten plays with his pet peacock, Brynne, in the birdcage! You've gotta love these two!

Jennifer Hawkins has been one of my fashion favourites at Derby Day and Cup Day but I'm not sure how I feel about her in this mauve number. It's a pretty dress and she can pull it off, but I can't help but feel she looks too much like a little girl going to a fairy party. Perhaps it is that large flower or cluster of feathers on her right shoulder... or perhaps she just needs a hat to finish off the look. Whatever it is, she could've done better but in saying that, she still looks good. Mind you, it's pretty hard not to look good when you're Jennifer Hawkins... 

Joan Collins reminds me so much of Joan Rivers here! The dress underneath this ghastly Snow-White sleeved violet jacket seems pretty enough... but who's to know? Perhaps there was a miscommunication between her and her dress maker given her inability to frown or show any physical disapproval between her forehead and chin! This outfit is a mess, but at least it's a well-coordinated mess!

Kimberley Davies channels Old Hollywood Glamour in this hour-glass, figure-hugging violet dress! Whilst she has certainly achieved her desired va-va-voom effect, I'm not sure if this look is perhaps too evening for the Spring Racing Carnival. 

Liz Cambage has not dressed well for her height or body shape here. She sticks out like a black and white giraffe in this tribal print get-up. The black ballet flats are an eye-sore and a wide brimmed had would've been better proportioned to the rest of her body, as opposed to this tiny fascinator. The dress is too short and casual looking. 

Liz Hurley reminds us once again, just how much Shane Warne is batting above his average - pardon the pun! Looking lovely in white! Classy, clean lines, simplicity and understated elegance!

Miss Jay is so OTT and so fab! This is avant guard, daaaaaarling! If you're going to dress like a freak (and I don't mean this in a condescending way), carry yourself like a queen ;) 

I love Ashley Hart for taking risks and having fun with fashion! She always dares to be different and often it pays off... this time, not so much. It might be a combination of both her pose and outfit in this picture but she looks a little like a crazy bird lady. Perhaps she is the one who flew over the cuckoo's nest... or perhaps she is just the cuckoo ...

Rachael Finch looks fresh and feminine in this draped white number! A much more glamourous and age-approrpiate choice than her Cup Day ensemble. This look is almost like the younger, updated version of Liz Hurley's outfit. Beautiful! 

Rebecca Judd cannot put a fashion foot wrong! Here she is looking fabulous in this neutral-toned number with gorgeous embroidered flower detail and a perfectly matching floral fascinator! Style books should be written on her... she. nails. it. EVERY. time.

Errrr wtf happened to Ruby Rose!?! Whilst the teal is a great colour choice, there's a giant ghost popping out of her head... those sunglasses look like something you'd expect to see at Summerdayze 2012 and as for her "clutch", looks like she's carrying around a packed lunch in a brown paper bag! But with all that aside, I still can't get past the winged skull attached to her hair... the things some people will do to get noticed! Honestly!

Sarah Jane Clarke + Heidi Middleton are like a 2-4-1 'mutton dressed as lamb' special! Whilst Heidi's fish scale-style dress is really fun and incorporates some great colour combinations, it's just far too short for the races. As for Clarke's fluro yellow and lace number, it would be better suited for sunset champers in Sorrento than a day in one of the prestigious Birdcage marquees. 

Simone Callahan is sadly no match for Liz in this wannabe Herve Leger brown... that's right, BROWN, bandage dress. It's a great shape and it definitely shows off her fabulous figure, but the colour choice is heavy and, well, brown! I don't like her hair either, she looks a bit too "Gold Coast Glam" - which is usually anything but glamourous. Still, not a bad effort and a brave face in spite of Shurley! Keep trying Simone!


Sarah Jessica Parker, no matter what you wore to Oaks day we were all probably going to love it because in our eyes, you'll always be Carrie Bradshaw... In saying that, I love the pastel gown with the contrasting metallic silver coat! The pointed mint green shoes (pointed heels are making a come back, take note ladies!) round it off beautifully as does the vintage inspired hair clip. I would've liked to see a more wow-factor hat, only because I know how much SJP loves to have fun with fashion, but regardless, this is a great look on one of the all time greatest style icons. 

Sonia Kruger looks glowing with her beach waves and sheer, ivory dress! This woman is all class and really knows how to accessorise and dress for her age! Bravo again Sonia!

This was the look Virginia Gay's face when she caught her reflection in the mirror and realised "OMFG! This, is what I'm wearing today???"

Bianca Nicholson looks like a poor man's Dita Von Teese from Derby Day in this fire-engine red Spanish Senorita ensemble. The silk-on-silk black and red outfit is a little too full on for a day on the grass... she appears to have dressed for Flamenco, rather than Flemmington!

Kate Barnett rocks this stunning purple and red fascinator! Simply ravishing, this is what Oaks Day is all about!

Nicole Whyte shows off an abstract-looking feathered headpiece! A bold, unforgettable look which ties in nicely with the colours in her dress. Beautiful!

Rosa Fazulla was sure to get her 15 minutes of tabloid fame in this attention-seeking getup! Oh well, at least she's having fun with fashion! Even if her style is a little "twisted"... (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist!)

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