Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Converse Australia Presents: Acts of Disruption

What do you get when you round up a bunch of talented, emerging bands, set them up with their own live concert and ask them to pick any location they want to perform (regardless of how far off the beaten track said location may be)?

Well, you’d certainly get one interesting performance and that’s exactly what Converse Australia’s Acts of Disruption series aims to create.

Acts of Disruption is a Converse initiative designed to shake up the music scene by inviting bands to showcase their artistry in unique and unexpected locations. Converse began disrupting the traditional live music tour experience last year, when they first launched the Acts of Disruption series in China. 

The movement showcased a variety of creative venues across China and featured a rare mix of music acts including Health, Re-Tros and White+. Now, backed by popular demand, the series has sailed over the Pacific and exploded onto the shores of Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Converse's Acts of Disruption is fast becoming an  international music phenomenon, with its fervent commitment to supporting local music scenes and delivering fresh experiences to music fans around the world. 

Last month, Australia played host to the Acts of Distribution series for the first time when Melbourne’s own King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard took over the vacant Rozelle Hospital in Sydney. The band tore through their set as busloads of fans ran amok across the stage and through the abandoned hospital halls.

Today, Converse Australia is proud to announce the next round of shows, which will take place at yet-to-be-revealed locations in Melbourne, Brisbane and Wellington.

To catch a glimpse of some of the mayhem at Rozelle, check out their video.

Tickets for the Acts of Disruption events are free of charge and available exclusively via RSVP on the Converse Australia Facebook Page

For the chance at a strictly limited double pass, click here

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