Saturday, 29 October 2011

Caulfield Cup Fashion


Megan Gale could give Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie Ferguson a run for their money in this outrageously gaudy pink number, topped off with Picasso-meets-Cake Decorator hair accessory! Whilst the colour itself is bold and bright - a big tick for this season - there is simply too much of it. Gale needs to break up the pink with either contrasting brights to create a colour blocking effect or balance it out with more neutrals like the white shirt we can get a glimpse of under her jacket. The look is too matchy-matchy, even Elle Woods would get a headache looking at this all day! And last but not least, THE BAG! Again, the colour blends in with her outfit, like applying lipstick to a person with third degree sunburn! It is also extremely bulky and screams more "day in the office" as opposed to "day on the grass". Let's see what the David Jones ambassador comes up with for the next race day shall we?

Lara Bingle looks tired and overdone. Her make up makes her look complexion look clammy rather than 'dewy' and the pale lips only further emphasise this washed up WAG's 'washed out' look. Compared to other racegoers, the black outfit looks more evening than daywear and the leopard boots are chunky and unflattering - a peeptoe heel or strappy sandal would've worked better to elongate her body. It is Spring racing season not Winter, afterall. As for pal Jessica Gomes, the dress itself is blase but not a total flop. The colour does nothing for her but at least Gomes' hat doesn't look like it's been fished out of the bargain bin at a local $2 shop... ahem, Lara! In summary, both girls look like they are dressed more for a night at Boutique rather than a day at the races. Very disappointing form from Bingle who usually scrubs up polished and poised at these types of events. 

Model and socialite, Kasia Z, has put in a good effort with this outfit. The colour is a beautiful violet and the black contrasts nicely. There's no particular stand out, love-it piece, however, when paired altogether her look is polished and appropriate. If anything, I would suggest a change of shoes to something a little more strappy, higher and summery and less corporate. The hat looks like a beret that's been run over by a truck, yet all in all, not a bad job! 

Brodie Harper looks positively glowing in this sheer, white ruffled dress. The neckline and one-shoulder design adds dimension and a modern edge to this otherwise classic style dress. The black and white hat is very complimentary, however a pop of colour wouldn't have gone astray either in the hair accessory, bag or shoes. This outfit would be perfect for Derby Day and the fishtail hair braid keeps the look fresh and young. 

Emma Freedman, for a Spring Racing Carnival ambassador I would've expected better from you! Whilst blue and green are no longer colour wheel enemies, the nude nana bag and frumpy, mother-of-the-bride style hat only work to her disadvantage. The dress itself is daggy and completely ages her, not to mention those unsightly frills on the side of her arms look like some sort of toddler, swimming pool floatation device! Freedman looks long and lumpy in this unflattering outfit, where as a more tailored dress could've really highlighted her beautiful figure and feminine curves!

Samantha Harris has made the same mistake as Megan Gale in wearing too much of the one colour. Whilst her dress is quite beautiful in it's simplicity and elegance, it is nevertheless crying out for a cherry red belt or metallic clutch to inject some colour and life back into this look! The hat, also, is a little too Charlie Chaplin for my liking. 


Andrew + Symone Demetriou looking smug, age-approrpiate and well-groomed.

Dan Single + Bambi Northwood-Blyth look as though they are trying to out-indie one another at this year's Caulfield Cup. Dan's oversized bow tie may have been fun and playful if it weren't for his creepy, Draco Malfoy haircut and creepy, 'come hither' smirk. As for the always-gorgeous Bambi, whilst the mega model would undoubtedly make a roll of foil look glamourous, this dress is in my opinion a little too discotheque for the Spring Racing Carnvial. Despite animal print being very much on-trend for this season, the patchwork leopard print bib on this tight, party dress looks casual and a little (dare I say it) cheap! But I still love you Bambi and your individual, rule-breaking style! Even if it does look like you and Makybe Diva have been visiting the same hairdresser! 

Natalie Tricarico + George Calombaris - great colour choices and nice to see some risks being taken with the headpiece!


Extremely polished and well coordinated! The matched-to-perfection shoes, bag and hat epitomise everything we've come to expect from a winning Fashions on The Field ensemble! 


Hold on! Let me put my sunglasses on before I inspect Angela Menz's outfit...

Ashlea Harvey looks like a back-to-front carrot in this hideous orange and green outfit. Her hat looks like a turban, the capped sleeves on her dress wouldn't even flatter Miranda Kerr and why she felt the need to wear a necklace with such a high cut dress is beyond me! I hope for her sake she has some heel stoppers for her shoes! Otherwise she might literally have to be 'plucked' from the ground like an actual carrot!

Dear Claire Debar, I hope that is a winning ticket, because this is not a winning outfit!

Little Bo Peep? Is that you? Oh wait, no, it's only Dorothy Maslo - a race-goer who got Caulfield Cup Day mistaken for Halloween! Silly duffer!

Harriet Smith, you just reminded me how lucky we are that images do not come with a sound option. In other news, if Forever New and Alannah Hill had a love child, you my dear, would be it!

Tara Lee Giordan appears as though she was channelling 'Jackie O', yet all I'm getting out of this Stepford ensemble is a big, fat, Jackie No.

Tessa Mitrousis is a beautiful girl but this outfit is too plain and safe to get her properly noticed by the fashion spies! Her colour palate is spot-on for her complexion but the shape of the dress and accessory choices are all a little dull and boring.

NB: All images sourced from The Herald Sun website

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